Ratio & Proportion – Complete Unit of Work

In this unit, students will learn how to use ratio and proportion in Maths. They will start by learning how to write ratios, including using unitary form and simplest form, before splitting quantities in ratios and using ratios to find unknown amounts. Students will then look at the links between ratio and fractions, and how ratio can be used to write linear functions and scale up quantities in direct proportion. They will then apply this to the specific cases of scaling up recipes, maps, scale models and currency conversions.

About this Resource Pack

This pack is designed to provide teachers with complete lesson plans and classroom resources to teach excellent lessons. It is designed to both teach the mathematical content and draw students into deeper consideration of its implications, including the mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills required for the new Maths GCSE.

The pack contains:

8 Lesson Plans: Full ready-to-use lesson plans on the following topics:

Lesson Resources: A variety of additional resources to accompany the lesson plans, including student worksheets and aids for students needing extra support.

2 Homework Activities: Further activities to give students to complete at home.

Assessment: A series of questions to enable you to assess the progress of students.

Who this Pack is For

This pack is designed for GCSE higher tier students. It could also be used with high ability Key Stage 3 students.