New Maths GCSE Algebra Bundle

The Bundle

In this bundle, you will receive full lesson plans for all of the algebra lessons in the entire 3-year new maths GCSE scheme of work for both higher and foundation tier:

The bundle includes:‚Äč

  • 22 units of work.
  • 98 unique lesson plans, including teaching content, student activities, introductions and plenaries and suggested support and extension activities.
  • Weekly homework activities to support the teaching topics.
  • End of unit assessment for every unit.
  • Complete solutions for all activities.

The units of work included are:

  • Algebra: The Basics (Foundation Tier)
  • Equations (Foundation Tier)
  • Expanding & Factorising Single Brackets (Foundation Tier)
  • Expressions & Substitution Into Formulae (Foundation Tier)
  • Quadratics: Expanding & Factorising (Foundation Tier)
  • Quadratics: Graphs (Foundation Tier)
  • Real Life Graphs (Foundation Tier)
  • Rearranging Equations, Graphs & Simultaneous Equations (Foundation Tier)
  • Straight Line Graphs (Foundation Tier)
  • Inequalities (Foundation & Higher Tier)
  • Sequences (Foundation & Higher Tier)
  • Advanced Graphs (Higher Tier)
  • Algebra: The Basics (Higher Tier)
  • Circle Geometry (Higher Tier)
  • Further Algebra (Higher Tier)
  • Graphs: The Basics & Real Life Graphs (Higher Tier)
  • Graphs of Trigonometric Functions (Higher Tier)
  • Linear Graphs & Coordinate Geometry (Higher Tier)
  • Quadratic, Cubic & Other Graphs (Higher Tier)
  • Setting Up, Solving & Rearranging Equations (Higher Tier)
  • Solving Equations Graphically (Higher Tier)
  • Solving Quadratic & Simultaneous Equations (Higher Tier)

Sample Unit

If you would like to look at a sample unit of work (and test it in your classroom) before purchasing the entire bundle, the Algebra: The Basics foundation tier unit is available for free download by popping your details into the boxes below. 

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about this bundle, or if you would like a quote on a bespoke bundle to suit your needs, please email [email protected].