Hi. I’m Tom. I’m a thirty-something maths teacher from Manchester.

This is me with Sam. He’s the reason I do what I do.


Sam was born in January 2013. At the time my life was like that of many maths teachers. Planning, marking and recording data filled my every moment. Evenings and weekends were full of work. I wanted to do a good job for the students in my classes, and so I gave it everything I had.

When Sam was born I knew that something had to give. The idea of throwing my all into my work and missing the first years of my son’s life didn’t appeal to me, so I made the (difficult) decision and dropped a couple of days, picking up some tutoring work to make up the money that I was losing.

I have been able to build a life that I love. As well as my work with my students, I am able to spend good chunks of my days hanging out with my amazing son (and my daughter, Elsie, who was added to the family in 2016).

My goal in creating these resources is to help you create a life that you love too. Going part time isn’t the right answer for everybody, but the challenge is there for us all – how do we deliver excellent teaching to our students and at the same time enjoy our friends, our families and our lives?

I know that in 2013 it would have made all the difference for me if I had access to ready-made resources, full of great ideas that I could tweak to fit my class and that were able to meet the high standards that I hold.

If you can identify with this struggle, then these resources are for you. I have created (and am creating) exactly what I would have loved to have had access to. Complete lessons, schemes of works, student worksheets and other interactive activities. If there are other types of resources you would like adding to the collection, drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

Oh – and if you are interested, or know others who are, I have also created Maths For Nurses and QTS Skills Tests resources.

Hopefully, together we can excel in our teaching and enjoy the important things in life.



P.S. – If you have any ideas or questions, drop me a line at [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you.